Kinetika is an internationally renowned company with a 20-year track record of combining world-class design with community projects to produce spectacular outdoor events that engage diverse audiences wherever we work.

Founded by artist Ali Pretty in 1997, and inspired by her training in carnival arts in Trinidad and India, we now have an unrivalled reputation for working with local communities on projects that change the way people feel about where they live. We’ve mounted events in shopping centres, ceremonial boulevards and local high streets, as well as on the Great Wall of China and in the heart of Kolkata.

Our charitable arm, Kinetika People, is known for its high quality community engagement work. We run participatory programmes, workshops and artist training schemes, which aim to nurture new artistic talent and engage communities, raising aspirations and building a sense of place.

Our commercial Design Studio has been commissioned to create ceremonies for high profile events including FIFA World Cup 2009, the London Paralympic games and Team GB Parade in 2012, and the Atlanta Olympics 1996.

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Kinetika Team