Riverside Primary School (Hullbridge) and Collingwood Primary School (South Woodham Ferrers) have been exploring the River Crouch with local artists Damien Robinson and Laura Trevail, looking at what goes under and over it, to develop two linked artworks.

The River Crouch Celebration walk will visit Hullbridge twice. They will arrive at the end of the day on Tuesday 30 June and in the morning of Wednesday 1 July join them at Ferry Lane to walk to Brandy Hole. At Brandy Hole the walkers will receive the Hullbridge community flag from Hullbridge Year 5 Riverside School school children. The flag is part of the set of flags Ali Pretty made working with communities along the river. The walkers will also receive a map made by the children created from their “Walking on Water “ project. Everyone is welcome to join in sending the walkers off on their journey down the river to Burnham on Crouch.

“Walking on Water” is a project led by Damien Robinson working with the year 5 students at Riverside School and at Collingwood Primary in South Woodham Ferrers. The children have uncovered the hidden distribution systems linking the communities of South Woodham Ferrers and Hullbridge. Pivoting on the little known engineering achievement of the 171 metre long Hullbridge Tunnel, running 17 metres below the River Crouch supplying clean water between the communities, this collaborative map shows the everyday perambulations where we literally walk on and over our water supplies. The children will present a custom hand-folded copy of the map to Ali Pretty and Richard White to accompany them on the Hullbridge leg of their walk.

The school children from both sides of the river are also working with Laura Trevail on a project called Tributaries. They are exploring how their thoughts of home might cross the narrow stretch of water separating them from their partner school. During the River Crouch Celebrations a poem will be generated, travelling line by line across and along the river.

On Friday 3 July the River Crouch Celebration walk will arrive at Collingwood Primary School in South Woodham Ferrers where they will collect the final flag. Together these flags tell a special story which can only be revealed when all the flags are together. Friday early evening the flags will be paraded along the river banks around South Woodham Ferrers and on Saturday they will be walked through town and onto the quay. Somehow at around about 1.00pm the flags will cross to Hullbridge. Everyone is invited to join the feast day and storytelling of the river at Riverside School.

Laura and Damien would like to thank Chris Davey at Essex and Suffolk Water’s Asset Plan team and Essex Ham for their support in making their project possible. www.damienrobinson.co.uk





Join us as we celebrate the River Crouch


River Crouch Festival 2015 brings together eight towns and villages from both sides of the river to gather, share and create stories through arts projects that celebrate the River – its role in the past, its present but unseen beauty and the potential it has to benefit the community in the future.

Join artists Ali Pretty and Richard White on a 100 mile walk, over 8 consecutive days, through countryside and coast along the north and south banks of the River Crouch. Ali, Richard and a team of 8 local artists have worked with schools and communities in eight villages, reconnecting communities on either side of the River Crouch.  Ten large scale silk flags have been inspired and created by the people from each village, which will join the 100 mile walk, ending with a crossing of the river from South Woodham Ferrers to Hullbridge for a celebratory Feast Day on Saturday 4 July. Join the walk on foot or online, meet at the ghost crossings and other special places along the way.

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