What We Do


Celebrating Community, Creativity & Achievement

Kinetika is an outdoor arts movement that focuses on producing large scale work through community out-reach and participatory projects. We run workshops, artist training, educational programmes and engagement projects with local authorities, community and arts organisations, schools, colleges and charities.

Our aim is to engage hard-to-reach and culturally deprived areas through celebrating community, creativity and achievement. We aim to inspire intercultural dialogue, form new friendships, develop civic pride and create lasting legacies.

The artwork produced through these collaborations with local people and artists creates beautiful installations, textiles, silks and costumes that everyone involved can reflect upon with a sense of pride and accomplishment.


“You really inspired the teachers, but also the local artists who worked in the primary schools. I think all who took part will remember the day for a good while yet, as will lots of the audience.“

Nicky Webb

Creative Producer – Mill Road Winter Fair 2012


Creating Lasting Legacies

Kinetika is committed to nurturing talent and providing the skills people need to grow, develop professionally and to become working artists. We offer mentoring, work placements and volunteering opportunities for local artists on every project we deliver.

We run training programmes and workshops from Primary School to post graduate level and have also developed our own bespoke carnival skills course ‘The Making of Mas’.

Many of the course participants have now set up their own businesses or been employed by Kinetika, including business and project manager Edwina Rigby.

We are working in partnership with South Essex College and The Royal Opera House to devise a programme of delivery on the new Costume Construction Degree to be launched in September 2015.

We are also developing Ali Pretty’s carnival archive at the V&A Museum to be used as an online resource.

The Kinetika Bloco is one of our proudest legacies. Having grown within Kinetika for ten years it is now an independent charity run by Tamzyn French.

Visit Kinetika Bloco here >


Bespoke Design

Kinetika Design Studio is a subsidiary of Kinetika and are industry leaders in designing for ceremonies and events – from shopping centre openings and street carnivals to stadium-sized events across the UK and internationally. We’ve worked on ceremonies for FIFA World Cup 2009, the London Paralympic Closing Ceremony and Team GB Parade in 2012, WOMAD Festival and more.

From vibrant bespoke costumes and rivers of silk, to moving mechanical structures and puppets, our designs seek to inspire and amaze audiences through the power of spectacle.

Kinetika Design Studio aims to train and build relationships with new artists through our participatory projects and professional development, in order for them to ultimately be employed and deliver their artistic skill on world class projects.

Hire a unique collection: We own a unique collection of show-stopping pieces which are available to hire. From costumes, flags and banners to giant puppets and structures, our designs can be the centrepiece of any event.

Product Development: The design studio develops the work of artists into a range of creatively-inspired, commercial products.

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 Recent Projects

  • Tilbury on the Thames Trust Workshops

    Carnival Projects, Participatory Projects, Placemaking, Projects

    Be part of the Tilbury Cruise Terminal story: Celebrating the Past, Imagining the Future. Download the flyer here:Laying the Keel...

  • Processions

    Participatory Projects, Projects

    Kinetika is delighted to be taking part in PROCESSIONS, a mass participation artwork to mark the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, which gave the first British women the right to vote.

  • Thurrock 100 Tales 2017

    Participatory Projects, Placemaking, Projects, School Projects, Walking Projects

    'Thurrock 100 Tales' walking festival 7-9th July 2017

  • Greenham:  War and Peace

    Participatory Projects, Placemaking, Projects, School Projects

    Greenham:  War and Peace 10 four-meter silk banners have been created by Kinetika artistic director Ali Pretty together with the...

  • Linking Our Futures – UK & Ethiopia 2016

    Participatory Projects, Projects, School Projects

    With thanks to participating schools: Herringham Primay – Thurrock William Edwards Secondary – Thurrock Tannery Drift First School – Royston...

  • Thurrock 100 Stories 2016

    City Centre Projects, Participatory Projects, Projects, School Projects, Walking Projects

    Building on the success of our 2015 project, the aim of Thurrock 100 Stories 2016 was to engage with an even wider community from...