We’re thrilled to announce that Kinetika will continue to be a National Portfolio Organisation, as announced on 27th June by Arts Council England.

We have also been awarded a conditional uplift to further our work as a community centred social enterprise. Exciting times ahead!

Kinetika’s founder, Ali Pretty said: “Kinetika moved to Thurrock three years ago and we are delighted that, with this announcement from The Arts Council, we can continue to build on the strong foundation of Thurrock 100 to work with local communities on a wide range of new and exciting projects in the period 2018-22.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the successful application, and would like to invite all our supporters to celebrate with us on this years Thurrock 100 festival 7-9th July.

To get more info and to book for Thurrock 100, the Eventbrite link is below.