This week we’ll be saying goodbye to someone who has contributed a huge amount to Kinetika over the past few years. Edwina Rigby, our much-loved Business and Project Manager, is stepping down from her full-time role with the company, although she will continue to be involved in a freelance capacity.

With a background in prop making, design and event management, Edwina was first spotted in 2006 when she won a place on our Carnival training programme, the Making of Mas. Working initially as assistant artist on projects such as Ti-Jean, she went on to recreate the blue elephant in English National Opera’s production of ‘Aida’ in 2007 and to work as lead artist for the FIFA World Cup ceremonies in Abu Dhabi in 2009 and contributing to some of our best-known projects, including the two lion heads for the 2012 Team GB Parade.

In 2012 Edwina became our Business Manager, and she’s played a huge part in repositioning the company, transforming our business, planning and overseeing our move from London to Purfleet, and developing a new business model.


Kinetika’s founder and artistic director, Ali Pretty, paid tribute to Edwina: “As well as being a phenomenal maker and project manager, Edwina’s really helped to get us into a healthy position for the future. I feel confident that the new business model she’s been so instrumental in helping us develop will be sustainable for years to come. She’s really pushed forward the design strand of our business, making it possible for us to win commercial jobs like the recent projects in Baku and Milan, which in turn subsidise our charitable work with communities, but also finding a way to translate our hand-painted silks into digitally printed products. Edwina has built solid foundations for Kinetika’s future, and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.”

Edwina says: “When I first discovered carnival I became a fan of Kinetika and Ali’s work. Over the years the team have generously shown me so much more than that; from learning how to make backpacks, puppets and costumes, to delivering international commercial gigs, Kinetika has taught me many fascinating things. 

Working with Ali has been nothing short of inspirational and I feel privileged to have been part of the team. With Ali’s strong leadership the company remains dynamic and thriving, with a thirst for development and improvement.  It’s been an exciting, varied few years and I’m proud to say I will always be an advocate for the company and its work wherever I am.

The Kinetika team wishes Edwina all the best for future endeavours and looks forward to crossing paths with her again as soon as possible. It’s never Goodbye … just farewell for now !





Kinetika is delighted to be able to welcome a new Business Manager in the shape of Caroline Parkinson, who brings unrivalled experience and understanding of the creative industries to the company.

She was Director of Creative Industries for Creative Scotland between 2010 and 2014, and before that Director, Scotland and Northern Ireland for Creative & Cultural Skills. She is also a professional photographer. We look forward to working with Caroline in the next phase of our development.