London Designer Outlet 2013 – 2014 Wembley

Project Credits

Shot and edited by Wind & Foster

Dance groups:
Kspark: Karan's Bollywood Masterclass, First Impressions, Kingsbury Secondary School

Mobile & headdress maker/wearers:
Mount Stewart Junior School, Lyon Park Junior School

Tower Performers:
Julia Kalache, Sabrina Osborne

Choreography and Music for the parade:

Drumming on the parade:
Dhol Academy

Tower Peacock Structure:
Mike Pattison, Kinetika Design Studio

Kinetika Artists:
Costume Designer and Artistic Director:
Ali Pretty

Batik Artist:
Emily Wood

Batik Trainees (worked on waxing and hand dying the costumes):
Abi Johnson, Sabrina Osborne, Mark Forrest, Elisabetta Massimi, Sarah Jo Evans, Mbeng Pouka, Karen Lowes, Emily Bornoff

Costume Makers:
Iola Weir, Helen Davenport

Costume Assistants:
Kitty Power, Elisabetta Massimi

Community Engagement Coordinator:
Kirsty Anderson-Tyrrell

Project Manager:
Edwina Rigby