VE Day 75 batik drawing of planes


The 75th Anniversary of VE Day takes place on 8 May 2020 and will be marked by both military and civilian groups as well as schools all over the UK.

Working with Barking & Dagenham Council, Kinetika have created a resource pack for schools to look back at this moment in history and draw parallels with today.  Specific schools have been invited to take part, and their drawings will be turned into colourful silk flags.

In the spirit of sharing, we have released the resource pack online so that everyone can use it to create their own drawings to mark the occasion.

Resource Pack

Part One (takes approx 20-30 mins)

  • This covers some history of the Second World War focusing on what life was like in Britain at that time, and the VE Day celebrations.

Part Two (takes 30-40 mins)

  • This provides a design guide for the drawing activity.

Share your work

  • Share your drawings on social media with  #DrawTogether2020 and you can also share them in our Facebook group Drawing Communities Together

Further resources

More reference materials, and ideas about marking the anniversary, can be found here:



Thank you to the funders and partners of this project who supported the creation and sharing of this resource pack:

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