Do you have a song to share or a tale to perform?  The Tilbury community feast would love to hear from you!


When: 14-21 July 2018 – see below for what happens on each date.

Where: London International Cruise Terminal, Ferry Road, Tilbury, Essex RM18 7NG

Kinetika is collaborating with Chilean arts organisation Teatro Container to bring La Cocina Publica, their Public Kitchen, to Tilbury to create a free community feast.  The feast will happen on 21 July 1.30-3.30pm, and coincide with an open day at the port.

What is it? The community feast is a place where people bring what they can, and with the help of Teatro Container an afternoon to remember is created!  It is a way to meet other people, families and communities from the local area and share a afternoon of food and entertainment.

Why do we need you? Teatro Container have been doing this in Chile for 10 years, and this is their first UK tour.  They have asked to collaborate with local and diverse artists, performers and community groups prior to the event to not only devise a menu, but also to find stories and songs to share for the feast day.  If you have a song to sing, or a performance to share with your local community, then we ‘d love to hear from you!  The feast lasts 2 hours in total, so there is plenty of time to show off your talents on the day.

To ask questions or to tell us you’re interested, contact


  • Sat 14 July (6-8pm) Musicians and singers – Get together over a beer to share music/songs and devise the community performance.
  • Tues 17 July (10am-1pm) Drama/performance – have a tale to tell, or a performance to share? Come to collaborate and see how you can be part of the final celebration!
  • Wed 18 July (10am-1pm) Drama/performance – as above, just an alternative date.  Come to both if you’d like!
  • Thurs 19 July (10am-1pm) Community Feast rehearsal – it all comes together – music, performance, cooking and textiles!
  • Sat 21 July (1.30-3.30pm) Community Feast event!

To ask questions or register your interest, contact:

Jo Beal, Project Manager
07966 431467