T100 calling call to action

Thurrock 100 Festival was started by Kinetika in 2015 and over 5 years in collaboration with a wide range of partners it has brought people closer, connected them to local places and spaces, and linked organisations together that collectively address individual disadvantage. The concept of T100 is very simple. Based on a theme selected for the year, a programme of walks is devised by a range of local groups and organisations which incorporate community-led activities that respond to the theme.

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The magic of the concept is its simplicity as a framework. It enables groups to come up with their own ideas, develop them as separate projects if preferred, then showcase and share them to the wider community as part of a bigger whole.

2020 marks a significant moment of change for us all and the theme this year is T100 Calling; a call to action for communities to come together and creatively re-imagine our future. Everyone can get involved!


This year we will be exploring local challenges, and seeking solutions, in each community through the collective process of designing and making beautiful large-scale mandalas; working with visiting artist Therese Muskus.

Starting at Shoeburyness Beach and ending in Purfleet we will be walking, talking and making along the Thames Estuary.

We have created a fun resource to inspire you to think about the future using a creative and innovative series of exercises that will help you imagine solutions and feed into the development and programming of this year’s T100.

Therese Muskus

Together we will create a series of Mandalas over the course of T100 Calling at various locations along the walk routes.

Mandalas in Hinduism and Buddhism are artworks of various designs symbolizing the universe. We aim to use them to bring communities together; to reflect on the issues they face and seek potential solutions whilst collectively making beautiful pieces of art from locally sourced materials.


This new online programme of activities and events will prepare us for the walking festival in September. It is an opportunity to be Inspired, to Reflect, to Make and Do. You can also use it as a tool to think about your own values and the action you can take with your local community.

The May Mandalas will become a springboard for reflections and promises to act – moving us from individual to community; from personal to environmental. Your thoughts, reflections and creations will contribute to the programme of activities, engaging others who can inspire us, generating the final Mandala designs and staying positively engaged whilst at home.

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  • Download the May Mandala Activity Packs (see below)
  • Join our FB group ‘T100 Walking Arts’. Updates will be posted there.
  • 4 – 17 May: Reflect and be inspired completing the first TWO sections of the pack
  • 18 – 24 May: Begin generating ideas for your own mandalas (Section 3: Part 1)
  • 25 – 31 May: Share your design online (Section 3: Part 2)
  • 5 June: Submit your final design to katie@kinetika.co.uk
  • June/ July: Collect mandala materials & take part in design sessions with Therese Muskus
  • 12 – 27 September: T100 Calling festival – Take part!



Thurrock 100 would like to extend a huge thank you to its funders and delivery partners.