Bespoke Silk


Bespoke Silk

Over the course of many years, Kinetika has perfected the process of painting silk on a large scale, often using intricate patterns to convey narrative and meaning. Our hand painted silks have been displayed in cities all over the world, from Chile to China and have graced the pitches of some of the largest sports opening ceremonies as well as high profile venues like the Royal Opera House.

The designers at Kinetika are experienced at working with clients to realise their own bespoke design, taking it from concept to completion. Guidance can be provided on what to expect with the hand dyed process, what looks good at scale and concept/ colour sketches can be created as a starting point.

Silk gives an unparalleled lustre and shine, while hand painting allows for layered applications of dye to get the correct depth of colour. We believe there is no other process that allows such flexibility of design, vibrancy of colour and immediacy of working.

We welcome enquiries for new commissions both large and small, and encourage discussions early in a project timeline.

Kinetika can also digitally reproduce designs on silk to order, and has it’s own limited edition range of scarves and pocket squares available for retail sale.

Tel: +44(0)1708 202846

Browse our brochure about silk commissions below, or download it here: Commission Silk Flags from Kinetika